Lessons I have learned from my first semester of college.

Cheers to coming home today! In honor of being done with my first semester of college- with the exception of online finals, I figured I would share some things that have changed and some lessons I have learned since August.

Lesson number 1: Anxiety manifest itself in physical forms. Take care of the mind so it doesn’t affect the body.

I have struggled from anxiety since I was in the seventh grade. Thankfully I can manage it fairly well with medication and therapy. I have never experienced a lot of physical side effects of anxiety until I came to college. From chest pains to rashes, being stressed out is no fun. After experiencing anxiety -induced pain, I have put my mental well being above everything else.

Lesson number 2 : It is healthy to spend time alone.

In high school I was such an introvert. I was involved in a good amount of extracurriculars but I did very little with my peers outside of school. I enjoyed being all by myself but I did experience my fair share of loneliness. Coming into college I found such great community and forced myself to get involved. I got so consumed with being around people constantly to the point where I forgot to spend time by myself. Even in the rare moments where I was alone, I felt so isolated. Now I am in the process of reteaching myself and forcing myself to spend time alone. There is so much goodness found in disconnecting from all the distractions. I reading something that is not a textbook, going for a walk, or watching a TV show ( I have been into the Mandalorian and I cannot get enough of baby Yoda).

Lesson number 3: College is such an incredible experience!

These past few months have been exciting, overwhelming, remarkable, scary, joyful, and uncertain. Last year this time I was not expecting to be starting college during a global pandemic but here I am at 12am all cozy in my dorm room while writing this post. I have changed so much since walking through the infamous arches at matriculation service. Even in a time of uncertainty, God has provided for me. Freshman year is different than I expected it to be, I am grateful for the remarkable experiences I have gotten to have on campus.

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