My 2020 in a poem.

Happy New Years Eve! I am sure everyone can relate to the fact 2020 was a grueling year. While it did not go as planned, I am so thankful for the goddess that came out of this crazy year. Shoutout to the people in my life who helped me get through this crazy year (you know who you are). Cheers to surviving the hardest year yet!

The Uncomfort Zone

She anticipated and waited

Met with rejection and darkness

Holding on to the small amount of light dwelling inside her

She waited again

And again

Knowing it twas Gods timming

Depression, fear, battle scars

Quarantine, shutdown, breakdown

Hopeful but not too hopeful

The light came in

Enhanced by the small bit of hope she held

Darkness and light were omipresent

Battling against one another

The light won

She didn’t get everything hoped for

But she did get the prize of endurance

2020 was a test

Of resilience

Broken pieces were gathered

Seeds were sown

Roots were planted

Passion was found

Community was cultivated

Showers still came

She remained faithful

The God dwelling inside her

made a way

2020 had potential to break her

But it strengthened her

She cultivated something so dark into an alluring story of perseverance.

~ Addi Boykin

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